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Sehnsucht Fingerboars

SEHNSUCHT Fingerboards

SEHNSUCHT Fingerboards

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We’re always very happy when to meet people who are sharing the same passion about fingerboarding as we. Jip from the Netherlands the man behind SEHNSUCHT Fingerboards is one of  those guys. It was a pleasure meeting and talking to you and the boards your making are unbelievable good! Thanks for your support and hope to see you again soon at the shop! - TKY 


All decks are shaped by hand. All veneers are hand dyed bymyself. All decks are pressed with the use of a hydraulic pressfor maximum pop and quality control. All decks are laqueredwith five layers of matte clear coat. Made in the beautiful city of Nijmegen the Netherlands with lots of love! - Jip

All decks are 34mm wide and come with a sheet of FBS tape and stickers.

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