Fingerboard Events and Spots

        Events like meetups and contest are the essential part of the fingerboarding scene for us. Spending time with other fingerboarders and sharing the love for this beautiful hobby is by far the best part about it. So here is a list of events going down this year:


        • 13.01.2024 Neulich Finger Masters, Brauhaus Neulich, Berlin, Germany
        • 03.02.2024 Session in Nordhausen, Germany
        • 02.03.2024 Schleudergang Contest, ASI Shop, Berlin, Germany
        • 16.03.2024 Lord of the Vingerboard, Plauen, Germany
        • 23.03.2024 Arne's B-Day Jam, ASI Shop, Berlin, Germany
        • 08.06.2024 Fast Fingers 21, Schwarzenbach an der Saale, Germany
        • 06.07.2024 WeissWurschtIsJam # 14 , 11:11Uhr Hofbräuhaus in München, Germany
        • 02.-03.08.2024 King Of Berlin, Berlin, Germany
        • 27.-29.09.2024 Bowl Masters, AJZ Chemnitz, Chemnitz, Germany
        • 05.10.2024 Sticky Fingaz 4, Fingerboard & Graffiti Contest, Kassablanca, Jena, Germany


        • 03.02.2024 Fyraabebier, Fingerskate Workshop & Jam, 3Sixty Skateshop, Schwyz, Schweiz
        • 02.03.2024 Dutch Fingerboard Open, Eindhoven, Netherlands
        • 30.03.2024 Slick X Hop King Fingerboard Contest, Hop Kingdom Skatepark, London, England
        • 20.04.2024 Fingerboard Jam, Skatepark Venlo, Venlo, Netherlands
        • 20.04.2024 Fatty's Fest 420, LiNES Skate Park, Michigan, USA
        • 27.04.2024 POTTL X SHIT Fingerboard Event, SHIT Skate Shop, Stavanger, Norway
        • 27.04.2024 Stonek Session 4, Brno, Czech Republic
        • 24.-25.05.2024 King Of Prague, Prag, Tschechien
        • 25.-26.05.2024 Noflow Fingerboard Event, Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, Netherlands
        • 22.06.2024 JAM Fest, Cervemur Santa Catalina, Murcia, Spain
        • 27.06.2024 Battle at the Bears #1, House of Dondang, East Borneo
        • 06.07.2024 BFC Summer Contest, Manteo Parkea, Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain
        • 24.-25.08.2024 Italian Fingerboard Championship, HUB Skatepark,Ligano Sabbiadoro (UD), Italy
        • 21.&22.09.2024 LivingWood FINGER TRICK MASTER Vol.1, Cesena, Italy

        If you are missing an event or would like to have your own event featured on our site just write us a message via or instagram.

        If you are looking for spots or would like to share the ones you know with other fingerboarders feel free to check out

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