About ASI

It´s more fun together!

We love to skateboard and that´s what got us into fingerboarding in the first place. ASI founder TKY started in the late 90´s with Tech Decks and did believe for a long time to be the only fingerboarder in the whole world (beside his three buddies). 

ASI Berlin was founded in 2003 as one of the first fingerboard teams of the industry. The boys wanted to have fun and a good time together and organized major events since 2006 wich made Berlin to become the fingerboard Mecca No1.

In cooperation with Blackriver-Ramps we opened the first fingerboard concept retail store ever in 2010 here in Berlin. It was a cornerstone and the flagship of the still young fingerboard movement of that time. Still matchless to this date. Since 2017 operating independently and self-governing as the ASI Berlin Shop!

We still like to organise events and meet-ups for the scene, and share our knowledge and year long experience with you to give you as a customers the highest possible satisfaction.