King of Berlin Rules and Explanation

Time & Place

This will be the ultimate Outdoor Fingerboard Team Tournament. 

The event kickoff will be friday, 26.08.2022 at 6pm in the ASI shop. There we will explain the rules more in detail, hand out all materials and generally have a small get together before the actual contest starts the next day, saturday 27.08.2022. The teams may start their first challenge at 9AM and finish their last at 23:59. 

Depending on feedback we will maybe have a BBQ somewhere on sunday to wind down until people have to go home again. 

What is a Team?

One Team consists of at least 3 riders and a maximum of 7 riders/filmers. A team can be sponsored riders from one company or just a group of friends. As long as you have a team name and have registered you’re good to go.

Declare a ‘Team Captain’ for each team. Their main job is to be the one that does the registration/communication with us so that we don’t have to communicate with every member of every team for registration purposes. They will also be the one we’ll call if we need to contact the team during the contest. 

You can register by sending the team name plus the names of all the riders that will be part of that team to We also need the name of the team captain (that handles the registration), their e-mail address and telephone number.

If you don’t know that many other fingerboarders or your friends can’t make it, shoot us an email before and we’ll set you on a list of team-less riders. If we get enough people we would just make a team out of those or we will announce all the people who are team-less at the kickoff and get you sorted into existing teams. 

How does it work?

Each team will get a small booklet. Inside is a list of all spots and a list of tricks and challenges. There will also be a link to a google map with all of the spots inside the booklet. The aim is to hit up as many different outdoor spots from that list and complete as many tricks and challenges as possible. All of that obviously needs to be filmed. 

How is it judged?

After the event is over, each team has 1 month to edit a video. In there we need to see all the tricks and challenges and spots that were claimed to be completed by that team. 

We will judge a few categories:

  • How many tasks were completed/How many points did each team score?
  • Best Video. What video was the coolest to look at?
  • Most fun? What team seemed to be having the most amount of fun and just enjoying being outside with friends?
  • MVP - Who scored the most points for each team?


Don’t be a dick. Be nice to random people passing by, if someone asks you to leave, be polite. Leave no trace. Don’t litter at spots. Don’t film people that don’t want to be filmed. 

Don’t split up your team to go to more spots. We aim to keep it fair for all team sizes. So please don’t exploit that your team is bigger than others by splitting up and hitting multiple spots at once. 

No modifying the spots with stickers to make a transition or bank easier to ride. No bringing in obstacles from home etc (no rails, no kickers etc).

Have fun!


We recommend that each team chooses a mode of transportation before. The spots will be mostly in the inner part of Berlin. But you will need to get around. We recommend either 

  • renting bikes as a group, 
  • deciding to push through the city on big boards 
  • or using public transport by getting a daily ticket for each/group ticket. If so, get the BVG App, you can find routes/buy tickets through that App. 

Things to prepare and bring

When outdoor fingerboarding we recommend you bring a few things. 

  • A hand brush to clean the spot off dirt/leaves
  • A small rug and a bit of water to clean off dust/bird poo
  • Wax
  • Something to clean your tape with
  • spare fingerboard parts/spare setup and tools
  • A way of transportation (renting bikes, buying tickets etc)
  • Camera. Lights etc if you want.
  • If you’re old like us, maybe bring an extra hoodie to put under your knees ;-) 
  • The BVG App and/or Google Maps/another Map/navigation service.

Good luck!

Your organisers