ASI Berlin Team

The ASI Berlin Team was originally founded in 2003 as the "Titus Berlin Fingerboard Show Team". Formed out of a bunch of skaters with more then just fingerboarding in common. We organized our first major event in 2006 and ever since can´t be stopped! We did a lot of shows for Tech Deck and other companies to spread our love and passion for these little skateboards! Sound we did all right and wining the Fingerboard World Championships twice, TKY in 2009 and Dima in 2010, believe me the party was hard!

We paid homage to the BATB and invented the "Battle at the Harrics" to show and to define how it (Fbing!) should be done or how not! We put Berlin on the map for finger-skateboard travellers as a must-visit-one-time-in-our-life dream destination! We have a huge fingerboard subculture here in Berlin based on the enthusiastic work of this crew! Long live ASI BERLIN! 

The list of team riders is long and goes from the very active ones so as Ramon Angelow, Gene Senges, TKY to the not-so-active-ones like Lennart Behnke, Max von Nolting, Leo Koppe, Rinaldo Wälti, Melinda Kadar, Sebastian Schulze, Aleksander Lüloff, Harald Schön, Dimitri Schlotthauer to the ones with  the "honorary memberships" so as Martin Winkler, Timo Lieben, Micheal Zimmer, Anton Stuckert, Arne Roof, DJ Kite, Tim Pütz, Marcel Butschke, Ente, Bruno Nürnberg and Daniel Durku!