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ASI Berlin

Customize Your Ramps

Customize Your Ramps

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We ❤️ graffiti!

Here you can submit an individual graffiti painting on your ordered ramps (only works in combination with a ramp in the order)! You have the change to leave us a note within your order explaining what you like to get if it’s simple, for more difficult stuff we recommend to contact us via dm on Instagram or email to

We need to categorize this from simple black tagging to full colored drawings in combination with the size of the drawings.

Starting with one color black tags/styles of names/channel names etc for 10€.

Stepping up to more complex colored drawings, which needed to be sketched up/explained very good and send in beforehand. 25€ is the general price here for small graffitis from the size of circa 10cm x 5cm or medium ones in circa 20cm x 10cm. Huge graffitis on plaza or both sides of a big spine for example for 40€. 

If you have something in mind we haven’t listed here please contact us. 

Important Note: It will take 2 to 4 days longer to ship your order then! 

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