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Here you´ll find very special and artist collaborations and just ramps we made in a very small or even as one of a kind versions!

Style #1: Manny Pad Kicker 29cm long 14cm wide 1,5cm high (sidewalk) 6cm at highest point

Style #2: Sidewalk Manny Pad Kicker 29cm x 14cm x 5cm

Style #3: Golden Curved Rail Pad 30cm x 20cm x 4,5cm

Style #4: Short sidewalk with high ledge 20cm x 10cm x 6,5cm

Style #5: Medium sidewalk with long curb 25cm x 15cm x 3,5cm

Style #6: Drainpipe Curb 27cm long 9,5cm wide 4cm high

Style #7: Bank-Handrail Manny Pad Thing :) 30cm long 20cm wide 7cm at it´s highest point 

Syle #8: Special side walk kicker 16cm x 15xm x 4cm

Style #9: Big pad with rail and slappy curb 30cm x 20cm x 6cm