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EVA decks from Slovenia surprised us with a big „support package“ for the shop, thank you very much for that!! And surly this gives us the best chance to check out any product with your own handstand eyes and I guess that eventually a good way to start a business cooperation with us too. 
The decks are super well made and got very nice wooden plies and are not lacquered. With a length around 100mm these are longer then normal ones and we do know a lot of people looking exactly for this. The kicks are medium high them decks got a deeper concave and each board comes with a free sheet of EVA tape and stickers. 
The EVA tape feels super nice and grippy it’s a bit thicker then our shop tape or FBS for example and will definitely gives you the perfect feeling and grip from the first second on. One pack of EVA tape contains 4 sheets of tape and stickers too.